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Hotel Location

Nof Tavor Hotel is situated in one of Israel’s major intersections, on highway 60 that connects the north of the country to its center.
Guests arriving from Ben-Gurion Airport should expect a 103 km drive towards the north. The hotel is accessible from a number of main cities in the north of Israel: the distance from Tiberius is 40 km, Haifa is situated 32 km to the west, and from Nazareth, Afula and Migdal Ha’emek the distance to the hotel is 6 km.

The hotel’s optimal location, near leading attractions as well as historically and culturally valuable sites, guarantees a unique recreational experience for the hotel guests. Among the sites adjacent to the hotel: Tsipori, Megiddo National Park, Beit She’an, Tavor Lake, Ein Israel, the Shlosha Park, Beit She’arim National Park.

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