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Beneath the green mountains of Nazareth in The Yezreel Valleylies Nof Tavor Hotel; a quality hotel providing a sparkling combination of culture and business.
The hotel is located on highway 60 and allows easy access to central attractions as well as culturally and historically valuable touristic sites, in addition to northern and central cities: Tiberius, Haifa, Nazareth, Migdal Ha’emek, and Afula.  Ben Guriun Airport is 75 minutes of driving from the hotel.
Nof Tavor Hotel, overlooking soothing, enchanted views of green vegetation absorbed in the blue sky, includes 108 guest rooms, suitable for individuals, couples, families and business travelers. Hotel staff is available for guests 24 hours a day, guaranteeing a unique pleasurable stay.
Exclusive Décor and Ambiance
Established at the year 2000, Nof Tavor Hotel was originally built as a two story single structure with a distinctive countryside atmosphere during the day and nighttime. Throughout the hotel one can find nurtured lawns, various green vegetation andspacious floored areas. In addition, the hotel is decorated wooden pergolas and a selection of shaded, cozy and furnished with comfortable seating areas, befitting important business meetings and intimate atmosphere events.
Full Worth for the Price
The hotel is located in Kibutz Mizra in the Yezreel Valley and has the unique characteristics of a family atmosphere provincial hotel. For these reasons, the hotel is able to provide its guests with modest reasonable prices, while maintaining an uncompromising, excellent service. Hotel guests can enjoy many services without additional charge, such as: a WiFi internet connection, a parking lot attached to the hotel and free entrance to Kibutz Mizra’s swimming pool.
Personal Treatment in an International Atmosphere
Hotel guests arrive at our doorstep from all over the world, and create a mixture of languages and cultures. Our multi-linguistic staff serves and assists the guests, accommodating them with professional information and personal treatment.Among other things.
In addition, Nof Tavor Hotel is a business hotel, and as such it provides the guests with various facilities and options to enhance the productivity and enjoyment of their stay.
Among the services offered to our business guests: meeting auditoriums suitable for up to 35 people, business halls, a WiFi internet connection, transportation from and to the airport, specialized, spacious Comfort Rooms and 24 hours a day check-in and check-out possibility.