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Reservation cancelation

Ways and procedures for changing and canceling reservations made through the Nof Tavor Hotel website:
Change of Order:
Changes to the order cannot be made directly on the website. A customer, who has placed an order and wishes to change it, will have to do so by email and/or by phone with the hotel: Email -, Phone: 04-6408000
Cancellation of reservation:
A customer, who has placed an order through the website will receive a username and password on the order confirmation he made.
Cancellation is possible in the "My Orders" section at the bottom of all home pages.
The customer will be required to enter in the appropriate place a username (email address) and password received along with the order confirmation.
After entering a username and password, it will be possible to cancel the order using the "Cancel" button, provided that the order meets the cancellation conditions of the price list.
Cancellation of the order is conditional on a cancellation policy defined in the site's set of rules. (Located at the bottom of all home pages)
If the booking does not meet the cancellation policy, and the cancellation button does not appear in the "My Bookings Bag", please contact the hotel by email and/or phone:
Email -, Phone: 04-6408000
Ways of cancellation:
You may cancel an order placed on the website by delivering a "cancellation notice"
"Cancellation notice": A notice given by the customer in each of the following ways, which includes the customer's name and ID number.
  1. On the hotel website: through half of "My Reservations" at
  2. By email: to
  3. Contacting the hotel by phone: 04-6408000;
For further questions and/or clarifications, please leave a message in the "Contact Us" section of the hotel's website or call the reservations department at 04-6408000, and we will get back to you soon.