Jezreel Valley Attractions and Landmarks

History and Heritage

Zipori National Park
Zipori National Park provides a glimpse into ancient life in one of the major cities in the Lower Galilee

Beit Shearim National Park
City of the Living - City of the Dead. The story of the Jewish settlement in the Mishnah period and the seat of Rabbi Yehuda the President

Tel Megiddo National Park
A glorious past and an apocalyptic future. The city that was one of the most important and powerful cities in the land of Canaan

Statue of Alexander the Great
The statue of Alexander Said and the nearby Hashomer Forest at an amazing vantage point over the Jezreel Valley

Historic Nahalal Police
The General Meir Amit Visitor Center

The Valley Museum in Yifat, the Little Seed Museum, the cooperation yard in Merhavia
Museums that tell the story of settlement in the valley

Old Nazareth
A gem of history, culture and cuisine, stunning views of the Valley of the Jumping Mountain

Hikers in nature

Jezreel Trail JNF
The Jezreel Trail unites communities, communities, natural landscapes and sites into one Jezreel story

Tavor mountain
Nature reserve, colorful blooms in season, landscapes and religious sites

The Gilboa Mountains
Green forests, seasonal blooms, routes and the most beautiful picnic sites in the country. Spectacular views from the shoulder of Shaul and the site of the wind turbines at the end of Ma'ale Gilboa

Anemones in Minchat Megiddo
After the December and January rains, the most beautiful anemone fields in the country

Nahal Hashofet
Flows all year long from springs running along it, BBQ sites and bike and walking routes

Ein Harod National Park
A playful holiday park in the middle of nature at the foot of Mount Gilboa

Ein Jezreel
A tiny spring at the foot of the Gilboa, a large pool on site

Springs Valley Park
A park full of abundant springs, turning the place into a little paradise -

Culinary and attractions

Wineries in the valley
In the Jezreel Valley, boutique wineries await you, producing original Israeli wines of highest standard

The old market in Afula
Compound for enjoyment, with stalls, restaurants and bars

Nazareth Market
Special flavors, colors and aromas

Rural tourism
A variety of sites and agricultural activities for the whole family all over the valley

The picnic park in the Galilee landscape
Playgrounds for children, a wonderful place for picnics and BBQs

Afula City Park
A parc with extensive lawn, children's playgrounds, living area and many sports facilities