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Nof Tavor Hotel aims at providing its guests with a comprehensive, personal service; the hotel offers an abundance of activities, services and recreational possibilities, to entertain and enhance the quality of your vacation, and turn it into a meaningful, memorable event.
Following are the main facilities provided by Nof Tavor Hotel:

Swimming Pool

Hotel guests are welcomed to enjoy a large, modern swimming pool, located in Kibutz Mizra, a 7 minutes’ walk from Nof Tavor Hotel.
The pool is immersed in natural, green vegetation, under the dome of the sky, surrounded by shaded seating areas.
The pool is open between Shavu’ot and Succot holidays, entrance for hotel guests is free of additional charge.

Business Meetings Auditorium

Three halls suitable for up to 35 people are available to business agents staying in the hotel.
The halls are intended for business meetings, seminars, conventions and conferences. The rooms include an option for a complete meal of hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and pastry. The auditoriums are technologically advanced, and are equipped with a projector.

Nof Tavor Lobby

Nof Tavor Lobby offers hotel guests an upgraded continental breakfast, served in the hotel garden and in the lobby between 06:30 - 09:00 AM. On Saturdays & holidays breakfast served between 07:00 - 10:00 AM.
The Lobby is available to the guests after breakfast hours and until midnight as well, and serves rich menu. 

* Nof Tavor does not hold a kosher certificate regarding food and beverage services.


Cozy Patio Garden

The luxurious patio garden is situated between the north wing and the south wing of the hotel, comprising a green safe haven for tranquility and relaxation.
Our patio garden is furnished with quality wooden garden furniture, seating areas, round tables and serving stations for drinks.
The patio garden also serves as a setting for music celebration evenings and small, intimate family events, for people who enjoy spending time under the dome of the sky and feeling the cool summer nights of the Yezreel Valley.

Free Parking

parking is located in the front of the hotel, about 50 parking spaces, including 3 handicapped parking spaces and 3 parking spaces for buses.
The parking is free of charge and for the guest hotel only.
The hotel is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of the hotel parking, parking is the responsibility of the driver (owner) only